Designed and owned by Stacey Martin Bafi-Yeboa, KANIA was born out of a need to blend the feeling of fitness clothing with the beauty of fashion. Instead of walking around in your gym clothes, KANIA gives you the option to wear beautiful comfortable clothing that's made to move with you through your life.

All pieces are designed in the flagship studio boutique,145 York Street in Ottawa, Ontario, and manufactured in Canada. We use the highest quality cotton lycra and bamboo.

As Technical Designer at KANIA, Arfie demonstrates his well rounded fashion knowledge and skills through various platforms of design.  He specializes in computerized designing, visual marketing, creative consultation and technical design for mass production. 

KANIA has quickly made a name for itself in the country, and is only growing bigger and stronger. As Arfie Lalani's journey continues as a designer, so shall the creativity and design for not only his personal signature brand, Arfie Lalani, but for KANIA aswell.

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