Designer Arfie Lalani

Arfie Lalani is a professional graphic designer who specializes in fashion but wears many hats in the design world. For almost a decade, he has provided his creative and technical expertise to Canadian companies such as Kania Couture, Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design, RBC Bluesfest, the Aga Khan Development Network, and many more.

For him, it's not about following trends, it's about using his inner voice to create art inspired by fashion. From a young age, Arfie always embodied the spirit of an artist and found peace in the turmoil of his life by constantly creating. He started with portraits of his family, to graffiti and paintings. He made and sold t-shirts to his friends with intricate and original designs understanding the value of his own personal brand at the age of sixteen. It didn't take long for him to realize that fashion was his calling drawing inspiration from hip-hop music and culture to create his own unique stamp in an industry flooded with talent and hustlers alike. 

Arfie combines streetwear and his love of urban culture with clean lines, architectural pieces and clear attention to detail. He is inspired to create work that harnesses and harmonizes the dualities in his intense creative energy. His work earned him and well-known fashion brand Kania an ongoing gig creating logos/branding for all kinds of swag at the world renowned RBC Bluesfest, appearing at New York Fashion Week and planning an encore presentation of their collection at Audi in Ottawa, Canada. When he's not event planning, pattern drafting, sample-sewing, and graphic designing he teaches others how to perfect their craft as a part time Fashion Marketing professor at the Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design. In his time at Richard Robinson, he received the award for fashion designer of the year showing that his edgy and daring vision was not to be overlooked. 

Arfie draws inspiration from many places, but most importantly his unrelenting love of bringing his imagination to life. He is inspired by music, street art, hip hop, fashion, technology, and culture. As the current creative lead and technical designer at Kania Couture, he demonstrates his well rounded fashion knowledge and skills through various platforms of design. He is also very hands-on and in seeing his work come to life whether it's a social media shoot or fashion lookbooks. That's why he will likely be seen helping with everything on a shoot from make-up to lighting. It's no surprise that industry professionals appreciate his perfectionist personality and involved approach to executing his design work. 

Arfie Lalani is becoming a notable brand synonymous with authenticity and a passion for design. He believes in helping those around him and offers services for small businesses in all forms of digital and print marketing. As a leader in his community, he has built a reputation for developing great relationships, high quality work and executing projects with a well-recognized personal edge. 

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