I wasn't born a designer, but i was born to be a designer.  Throughout my life, many occasions played a role in my career choices. Take a look at my life timeline!

1985 - 1996


These were the golden years, when I was just a kid, and my love for art was born. From 1985 to 1996, I lived with my family in Montreal QC. I was inspired to do art by my uncle who was an artist. On weekends, we would learn sketching and painting techniques. Not to mention, my mother was a seamstress, and would occasionaly design dresses for my sister. With these influences at an early stage of my life, I began to develop the necessary skills to begin a career in art. 

1997 - 2004


By the time I was 13 years old, my love for Hip Hop began to rise. It wasn't just the music that I admired, but also the art and style. I fell in love with Graffiti Art, and began creating pieces of work that reflected that grungy streets style.  These were my high school years; creating hallway wall art, tagging doors and posts, styling my friends and family with ideas on what to wear, and organizing fashion show events at school and in the community. The passion began.

2005 - 2009


After realizing my passion for Art and Fashion during my high school years, I decided to pursue it within my career. While attending  Fashion School in Montreal, QC at Lasalle College, I decided to begin my own side business. During these years, I was creating a lot of graphic design. Adobe had just come out with Photoshop and I was a master at it. I would design logos, flyers, profile photos, photo renderings and branding designs for local clients and artists. This was the beginning of my company Lala Land Exclusive Arts Ltd. Furthermore, I partnered with a few colleagues on several apparel design projects such as Rockher & Co, and OxyRottin, where I was the lead designer.

2010 - 2015


In 2010, I attended and graduated from The Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design, a private fashion school in Ottawa Ontario, with High Honors Dimploma in Fashion Couture, as well as the Award winner for Fashion Designer fo the year in 2011! My passion was on fire! Through my company label Lala Land Exclusive Arts Ltd, I began creating fashion collections that were displayed and shown at various Fashion shows throughout the country. While striving with my business and collection showings, I was also a lecturer at the Richard Robinson Fashion Academy, where I served as inspiration to future leaders. 

2016 - 2020


As a lecturer for students, I would attend several networking events. At one of the fashion shows, I met Stacey Martin. A local fashion designer who owned a shop downtown and needed help with some graphics. After completing one project, things led to another and I soon became the senior technical designer for Kania Couture, a womenswear clothing line based in Ottawa, Canada. During my time as a designer at Kania, I was opportune enough to work on grand projects such as the Graphic Artist for RBC Bluesfest, Assistant Designer for New York & Toronto Fashion Week, Technical Designer for Kania Womenswear and Menswear, Graphic Artist for Candance and GLS etc!    

2021 - 


After the pandemic, I decided to step down as Technical Designer at KANIA, and focus on my new goals. This is the part in my life where I am focusing on  lasting goals that create the best version of me. From creating my own design label Arfie Lalani, to investing into Crypto and NFT projects, who knows what the future will hold!