Woke Studios

Woke Studios is a youth-led artistic residency for young R&B Fusion artists with exceptional abilities who are looking for a structured creative process to maximize their artistic talents. We provide artist development, production, promotion, and marketing.  We aim to fully maximize income through proper music production and publishing of music as an art form in all forms of media and advertising.

We seek to ensure that talented young R&B Fusion artists are able to make a living out of the music they create, by providing information, education, advocacy, awareness, and professional networking opportunities to nurture, develop and promote the spirit, growth, and sustainability of young talented musicians, starting in Ottawa.

Woke Studios is Ontario-based and operating out of the Capital City — Ottawa. We are in collaboration with industry professionals that will be instrumental in ensuring that these talented young R&B Fusion artists can make a living out of their music: Jamaal Jackson Rogers, Zainab Muse, Lorietta Muse & Abdul Muse